Buchla 223e Tactile Input Port Module

Tactile Input Port Controller Module

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Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input and Tactile Input Port comprises of two constituent parts, the 223e Module itself and the multi dimensional touch plate controller. An unusual way to control your synthesizer, but incredible fun.

The Buchla 223e Kinesthenic Input System is an advanced controller input system that comprises of two parts; the 223e Module and the Kinesthenic Input Control Surface.

The 223e has been designed to provide extensive and expressive playing capabilities to your modular system with its tactile input module that’s made up of 27 independent velocity and pressure sensitive touch panels, which can be programmed and customised to handle a wide variety of functions and duties.

You touch location, pressure & impact can all be routed and personally customised to suit your patches and preferences.

On the 223e module itself you have large collection of outputs that are derived from your interactions with the playing surface; you can freely patch them into the modulation destination of your choice to create a truly customised playing experience.

The 223e module also provides an arpeggiator section, with multiple clock sources, variable internal BPM, selectable arp types and more.

As with the rest of the E series range, you can store the state of the 223e as part of a system preset using the appropriate preset manager.

The main features of the Buchla 223e Tactile Input Port Controller Module include

Unique way to interface with your modular system

Highly configurable and customisable

Provides and arp function

Incredibly expressive and unique way to play

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