Buchla 226h CV to MIDI Interface Module

CV to MIDI Interface Module

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a 6 channel CV to MIDI converter in H series format. Ideal for converting your complex voltages into MIDI information for use with external MIDI gear, your DAW or even paired with a 252e for a seriously powerful sequencing experience.

The Buchla 226h is an ingenious CV to MIDI Converter in H series format, it provides 6 channels of analogue control information which is converted into digital MIDI for use with your DAW or other MIDI equipped gear.

The complexity of sequencing on a Buchla system is almost impossible to replicate in the MIDI domain, using function generators with Euclidian based clocks with random voltages coming in and out of the mix and creating these continuously evolving landscapes is just not easily replicated on anything else.

Step forward 226h, a 6 channel CV to MIDI converter for turning all of your curious and obscure voltages into MIDI information, your complex west coast patches and rhythms can now be used with your other gear, further advancing the capabilities of you less capable gear.

There are 6 groups of inputs on the 226h, each group consists of note on, pitch, velocity and continuous control which are converted by the 226h into MIDI information. Simple elegant and completely unique.

The main features of the Buchla 226h CV to MIDI Converter include

Highly configurable CV to MIDI converter

Provides 6 channel of CV to MIDI

Convert your complex sequencing system into a MIDI powerhouse

H series format

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