Buchla 227e System Interface Module

System Interface Module

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a comprehensive performance mixer module designed to provide simple routing and amplification duties for multiple Buchla sound sources. Ideally formed for live performance uses.

The Buchla 227e System Interface is a multi-channel performance mixer that provides a comprehensive set of tools to get the very best out of your modular system.

Buchla’s 227e is exactly the type of mixer you’d expect from the west coast synthesis pioneers, sure it lets you blend signals and EQ them before hitting an external system, but it offers so so much more than just basic mixing.

For starters, there’s eight total line level inputs, four of which are primary inputs which can be individually placed in the stereo field (and moved using a CV signal!), with another four that appear the sub mixer section that are summed to a dual mono output.

The four primary inputs are found at the bottom of the module, this section is where you can place your input signal in the resulting stereo field, where you can apply CV to control the stereo placement and where you can also apply CV to control the amplitude of the signals hitting the front and back sections.

The swirl button changes the behaviour of the CV attenuators, with the left pot controlling the rate of change and the right pot controlling the depth of the stereo placement, any CV applied to the CV inputs will add to the existing settings.

The signals are then fed to the main outputs, here is where you would connect your front and rear outputs. These are best through of as dual master outputs, the front outputs and rear outputs can be EQ’d, monitored and manipulated separately for a very immersive and unique mixing experience.

There’s also a high gain microphone preamp, with an envelope follower which provides a wide range of gain staging for different types of microphones. It’s worth noting that 48v Phantom power is not supplied here, if you need that, you should check out the 207e.

And did I mention there’s a super high-output headphone amp with two modes of monitoring available, front and rear can be monitored separately.

227e is the module to own if you want to use your system in a live performance or studio setting and want to have uncompromising control over your systems signal flow.

The main features of the Buchla 227e System Interface includes

8 channel audio mixer

Pan four channels using CV

High gain mic preamp

Dual 3 band EQ

Preset storage compatible

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