Buchla 250e Arbitrary Function Generator Module

Arbitrary Function Generator Module

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a powerful modulation source. Based around 16 instances of CV and timing information that can be moved through, rotated and mangled to create unique, moving and evolving phrases.

The Buchla 250e Dual Arbitrary Function Generator is an extremely powerful 16-stage function generator module for the Buchla system.

The Buchla 250e Dual Arbitrary Function Generator offers three CV per steps that can be quantised or interpolated. The sixteen steps can be looped at any point and several loops can be nested into each other. 

The 250e can work with its internal clock, external pulse or via MIDI clock and accepts subdivisions per step. Extensive CV controls for each step are on offer including address, start, stop and more. 

The Dual Arbitrary Function Generator includes two rows of control voltages arranged in two concentric circles. The larger external knobs can set two different CV values for each step while the smaller internal controls adjust the duration of the active step. Time and CV values can be scaled to different ranges on a per step basis. Outputs include two CV and one time output.

All control voltages can be quantised and/or interpolated or replaced with external voltages. The interpolation creates a portamento or glide effect when used to modulate the pitch of the oscillator.

External voltages can be used to control the time and CV parameters for each step. A Fix function can be used to sample the value of incoming CV and keep that value for the duration of the step. Used with an LFO it recreates the function of a traditional sample and hold function. 

The looping functions of the 250e are also extremely powerful. Not only can you create any number of loop at any time, but you can also repeat them, jump or create loops within loops. Each step can also be addressed via external CV with continuous mode allowing jumps to the step corresponding to external CV while in Strobe mode, an additional pulse input is required. 

The possibilities on offer are virtually limitless and will provide countless hours of explorations. All the settings within the module can be stored with the preset manager found in the 206e or 225e modules.

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