Buchla 251e Quad Sequential Voltage Source Module

Quad Sequential Voltage Source Module

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a programmable, 50 stage CV controller and voltage sequencer. It comprises of four lanes of CV and pulse outputs with three separate sections for controlling the rates, content and timing of said sequence

The Buchla 251e Quad Sequential Voltage Source is a four channel voltage sequencer that supports up to 50 steps per channel and allows for very complex inter-sequencing and deep editing, even when the sequence is running.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a multi-channel, complex voltage sequencer that’s easily programmed and perform a variety of “onset” based sequencing duties then the 251e is the answer to your said daydream. The 251 provides four channels of CV and Pulse sequencing, which can run from 0.0 to 9.9 volts, from 10BPM all the way up to 250BPM and can even store and recall preset sequences (with an appropriate preset manager).

The 251e’s workflow is super slick, each sequencer has a stop input, a start input and a display for clear and easy feedback of the sequence stage you might editing at any given time. Underneath the four sequencer channels is where you make your edits and program your CV’s.

The SEQ Edit section allows you to modify the entire sequence length, change its play direction, modify the tempo, set the sequence to cycle or stop at the end of its phrase and add initial delay to its starting position….and that’s available on all four channels!!

Stage edit is where you modify the individual steps, here you can change the step resolution to 1.5x or into triplets, change the duration of said step between 1x, 1/2x or even miss the step entirely, here’s where you also select the CV range to get your desired pitch, again across up to 50 steps and across four channels.

The master clock section is where you input your tempo signal and you can employ a master time division or multiplication of your clock signal.

The 251E is quite a simple sequencer, but in its simplicity lays some very deep programming options and sonic possibilities, an incredibly useful tool to complement your Buchla system.

The main features of the Buchla 251e Quad Sequential Voltage Source include

Four channel CV and Pulse sequencer

Up to 50 steps per channel

Wide variety of programming options

200E preset storage compatible

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