Buchla 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator Module

Polyphonic Rhythm Generator Module

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a unique rhythm generator that comprises of 11 channels known as rings, which can be linked between one another to create rich, dense evolving patterns of timing and pulses.

The Buchla 252e is a complex Polyphonic Rhythm Generator that is able to create a staggering array of complex rhythms and grooves.


Don’s 252e is simply a work of genius; it’s a very unique take on pattern generation, with a highly informative and easy to use UI that is based around rings of light. There are 11 rings in total which feature cells and act like conventional sequencers, these can be programmed to run independently to produce rhythms, but rings and cells can be interlinked to create even more diverse and interesting patterns and complex sequences.


There are four pulse outputs and six CV outputs which are fully assignable amongst the cells.


Three clocks provide the time base and tempo for driving the rings, one master clock and two clocks which are completely assignable to the pulse and CV outs, which allows for an incredible amount of cross triggering between the channels. The channels can be synchronized to create up to three part polyrhythms and can be combined with the onboard Euclidian rhythm library for even more experimental results.


The 252e is everything you would expect from a Buchla sequencer, intuitive, forward thinking and very experimental. Did I mention that it also has some incredibly deep MIDI integration as well should you wish to hook it up to you more modern DAW based setup.


The main features of the Buchla 252E Polyphonic Rhythm Generator include


Multi channel pattern and CV sequencer


Unique user interface makes building complex patterns a breeze


Multiple CV and pulse outputs for building interesting sequences


Onboard Euclidean rhythm library

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