Buchla 256e Quad Control Voltage Processor Module

Quad Control Voltage Processor Module

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a quadrature control voltage centre. It provides two voltage inputs and a switch input per channel for controlling the panning, action and ranges of the input voltages. Ideal for diversifying modulation

The Buchla 256E is a Quad Voltage Control Processor Module that is used for manipulating and changing the behaviour of control voltages that pass through its inputs. The module provides control over incoming voltage selection, multiplication, addition, scaling, inversion and non-linear transformation of the voltages.

With the 256E you can easily apply simple mathematical changes to incoming control voltages that turn them from simple simplistic, like a slow moving envelope function into a more complex results. The module is comprised of four separate parts dubbed A,B,C and D, they are identical in function but can be programmed independently.

256E provides cross fading applications for two CV’s, which are connected at input 1 and  input 2, the input selection between input 1 and input 2 can be manually controlled using the “in select” pot, or you can apply a voltage to sweep between the two incoming voltages. From there you can manipulate the CV using the “output @ 0Volt in” and the “output @10v in” pots, to create inversions (and much more) and by activating the breakpoint control, you can apply logic based changes to voltages.

The algorithms that are created on the module are represented on a dot matrix display, which give you a good estimation of the resulting function that’ll be produced by the module, bear in mind this is a simplistic display, but the resulting voltages are incredibly precise.

The 256E is capable of some very unique functions and can be multiplexed to create voltage results like nothing else, for example; try connecting a sum of one section into another (A into B, into C for example), this type of patching will yield some unexpected, happy accidents.

And because the 256e support preset management, you can store and recall your settings on the fly using a 225e or a 206e preset manager.

The main features of the Buchla 256E Quad Voltage Control Processor include

Quad CV processor for applying voltage threshold changes to CV signals

Provides manual and CV panning between two inputs

Graphical UI which represents the resulting function of the CV signals

Preset manager compatible

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