Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator Module

Twisted Waveform Generator Module

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a classic additive sound source that Don Buchla's systems are so renowned for. Comprising of two oscillators one the principal and one the modulator, the 259 allows for some very unique timbres and tones.

The Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator Module an uncompromising incredible monster of an oscillator which has inspired countless Eurorack manufacturers to try and crack what makes a 259 so special.

It's really difficult to think of a more iconic oscillator module (...it really is) the 259 is one of the most important circuits that Don Buchla ever conceived, comprising of two oscillators, one for modulation and one for audio purposes, it workflow, ideas and applications are like nothing else. A truly unique concept when the original 259 was released, a dual oscillator that's neighbouring tone generator is used to modulate the other, genius! And that's exactly what the 259e is, albeit a more developed and well thought out version of that iconic Buchla oscillator circuitry.

The 259 is incredibly well featured and warrants good explanation, so let's begin.

On the right you have the main audible principal oscillator, which only generates a sine wave, has an incredible wide frequency range, an FM input with attenuator and a bi-polar pitch CV input, simple. The resulting sine wave of the principal oscillator is applied to two wavetables, which can be selected using the timbre bank button, these resulting timbres have morphing and warping CV inputs, for plenty of deep sound design applications. Both of these CV inputs can be controlled by the mod oscillator.

One thing to note here, that when an FM signal is applied in the wave table or mem skew mode, it becomes a table modulator!

On the left hand side, you have the modulation oscillator, which is just like the main VCO, but it has three different waveforms and three operation ranges (including key track which forces it into sync with he principal oscillator).

Where this module gets really interesting is when you start to look at the other controls, there's MIDI, hard and soft sync options and three different typed of modulation which the modulation oscillator can drive, pitch, warp and morph, the modulation index controls the depth of these destinations.

The 259e is the epitome of raw Buchla sound generation, is incredibly well thought out and is so simple yet so vast in its possible timbre results.

The main features of the Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator Include:

Iconic dual oscillator module updated for the E series format

Includes two oscillators, one for modulation one for audio

Huge array of timbral possibilities

Wavst array of FM and CV connectivity

All setting can be stored and recalled using a preset manager

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