Buchla 261e Complex Waveform Generator Module

Complex Waveform Generator Module

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an advanced tone generator that provides voltage control over all major aspects of pitch, amplitude, and timbre. Since all of the modulation architecture is handled by analogue circuitry there's no aliasing.

The Buchla 261E Complex Waveform Generator is an oscillator like no other, in the classic Buchla additive style, it comprises of a principle (audible) oscillator and a second modulation oscillator for controlling the timbre and complexity of the main tone generator.

The 261E features voltage control over the pitch, amplitude, timbre and multi-dimension timbre space and can be used to create a vast array of interesting and (as it’s name suggests) complex waveforms.

Its modulation oscillator has three operation ranges, a high range which runs at 27.5 Hz to 70.4 Hz, a “lo” range which runs at 25 hZ to 64 hZ or if desired it can track to incoming MIDI note information. The mod oscillator features continuously variable waveform output which moves through sine to pulse the position of which can be external CV controlled or manually controlled.

The principle oscillator has an incredibly wide range, it runs between 27.5 Hz to 70.4 Hz, has a dedicated FM input with attenuator and a CV input with an attenuator, it runs as a sine wave, but the timbre of which is modulated by the modulation oscillator.

Speaking of modulation, the modulation type is selected using a push button, this lets you easily switch between AM, timbre and pitch (FM), the modulation section has a CV input with an attenuator and a modulation index control for deep harmonic results and possibilities.

Extra controls for the principle oscillator include Timbre, which features manual control, CV control and attenuator, there’s also a symmetry control for the overall waveform with CV input and a high order harmonic control with a CV input.

There’s also global MIDI sync, which slaves the modules pitch to an incoming MIDI message that’s receives across the bus board via 225e and since the 261E is an E series module, you can of course store the setting of the module and recall them at your leisure.

The 261E is complex by name and even more complex by nature, it has a vast array of possibilities and is deep enough to keep you busy for years.

The main features of the Buchla 261E Complex Waveform Generator includes

Powerful additive audio source

Comprises of two oscillators

Capable of FM, AM and Timbre modulation

200E remote enabled

Classic additive vocabulary with improved digital flexibility

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