Buchla 266e Source Of Uncertainty Module

Source Of Uncertainty Module

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the ultimate source for random voltages, noise and even store random voltages. Ideal for creating that musical chaos modular synthesis is well known for, random voltages can be used to triggering random events.

Where would any Buchla Modular system be without the Buchla 266e Source Of Uncertainty? A 200e series format module that delivers four distinct functions and unpreditcable resulting voltages in a single module space.

The 266e is split up into four parts:

The first of which provides four noise outputs, a -3dB two flat outputs and a +3db output, which can be used for everything like creating crazy modulation, adding top end artifacts to patches and much more.

The second part if called fluctuating random voltages, now this pretty much does what it says. This section creates two evolving voltages which are derived from the probable rate of change parameters. Think of them as voltage controllable sample an hold come / LFO's. Super handy for adding chaos and randomness into your workflow.

The third part is called the quantized random voltages, now this section is very interesting to me personally. It can produce up to 24 different states which are cycled through when a pulse is received at the number CV input. The spread and change of these states can be altered or made more predictable for more musical results if desired.

The fourth part of called stored random voltages, this section has three different voltage controllable parameters which control the skew, the degree and chaos of the resulting voltage. These parameters can be externally controlled, though using the outputs from the quantized random voltages creates some very unique results.

One of the more unique applications of the 266e is its ability ot process and mangle incoming CV, very handy for composing obscure phrases and passages.

The main features of the Buchla 266e Source of Uncertainty include

Multi-mode voltage processor and generator

Used for creating music uncertainty and randomness

Provides four distinct voltage generators

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