Buchla 272e Polyphonic Tuner Module

Polyphonic Tuner Module

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a four voice FM Tuner in Buchla 200e series format. Yep, that's right a four voice polyphonic FM tuner which can be used as both a sound source and a source of random control voltages, since empty FM is a noise source.

The Buchla 272e is a Four Voice Polyphonic FM Tuner Module, which can be used as a constant source of un-ending audio material or as a modulation source if desired.

The 272E comprises of four independent FM tuners, each with voltage controlled tuning and separate left and right audio outputs, and each tuner has a CV input which can serve as a channel advance or as a sample and hold for random channel deviation.

The polyphonic facility provides a AD or an ASR envelope which follows the summed audio signals coming out of the tuner array, this is very handy for generating weird and wonderful envelopes and voltages.

272e is particular handy as a noise source and produces some excellent results when stations are just in tune and you modulate the tuning ever so slightly, to move between noise and an audio source. And just for added versatility preset stations can be stored and recalled and the knob positions can also be stored and recalled using the appropriate preset manager.

The main features of the Buchla 272E Polyphonic FM Tuner Include

4 voice polyphonic FM tuner

Each channel has its own CV inputs and audio outputs

Polyphonic facility provides and envelope follower

200E series preset compatible

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