Buchla 281h Dual Function Generator Module

Dual Function Generator Module

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a Dual Function Generator which provides two independant or a single linked stereo pair of voltage generators. These can serve as simple envelopes, they can also be cycled so they can become more complex LFO style voltage generators.

The Buchla 281H Dual Function Generator is a H format version of the 281E Quad Function Generator.

As the name suggests it provides two configurable A/D function generators, which can function as linear or exponential envelopes, or they can be cycled to function as an LFO. There’s also a quadrature mode which feed stage one into stage two for highly complex, interesting envelopes and voltages.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep you busy, there’s also voltage control over the Attack and Decay stages, so with very little external modulation you can produce some really wild results.

All H series are compatible with E series modules and preset managers, combined with a 225 or other preset manager you can store the positions of the pots and recall their settings at your leisure.

The main features of the Buchla 281H Dual Function Generator Include

Dual function generator in H series

Can serve as an AD envelope of can be cycled to form an LFO

Quadrature mode allows stage one to feed into stage 2 for complex voltages

Preset manager compatible

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