Buchla 285e Frequency Shifter and Balanced Modulator Module

Frequency Shifter and Balanced Modulator Module

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a 200e series modular Frequency Shifter and Balanced Modulator, comprised of two sections that provides smooth frequency shifting and modulation of the frequency shifts occurring at its inputs, it also provide ring mod at its outputs.

The Buchla 285e is a two part module comprising of a Frequency Shifter and Balanced Modulator. It's a surprisingly handy tool from the 200e range that provides a wide range of frequency modulation options and tonal diversity to your patches.

The top half of the 285e handles frequency shifting, where signals applied to the inputs can be shifted both up or down using a source externally applied or, it can internally generate a reference signal (which can be frequency modulated if desired). This part of the module can be used to create a staggering variety of pitch based effects and is widely used in the 200e format as a way of adding perceived depth to your patches.

Think of the top section as a bi-polar CV offset which can be frequency controlled.

The bottom section, dubbed the balanced modulator is just like the "bal ext." section you'd fine on the modulation oscillator of a 208. It's ultimately a ring modulator which can derive its carrier signal (just like the balanced modulator) from an external source or the very same internally generated frequency source. For extra tonal diversity there's also a timbre CV control for even more possible tones.

And just like all the other E series modules, the positions of the pots can be remotely stored and recalled via a 225e or 206e preset manager.

The main featured of the Buchla 285E Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator Include

Two part audio modulation tool

Frequency shifter and pitch offset for perceived depth

Balanced ring modulator with timbre control

E series preset manager compatible

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