Buchla 291e Triple Morphing Filter Module

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The Buchla 291e Triple Morphing Filter Module consists of three bandpass filters which can function in series or independatly of one another, it also has a very unique array of modulation onboard, which makes it a potent sound design tool within the Buchla ecosystem.

At its core the 291E comprises of three bandpass filters, each filter has four possible modulation destinations all of which are indepenantly or globally CV adressable, the modulation inputs include:

  • Amplitude: as its name suggests CV applied to this section increases the output of that particular filter. Applying a slow evolving voltage here and the summed outputcan lead to some very interesting "3D" effects, note that amplitude only affects the all or summed output.

  • Bandwidth: This section provides control over the filter bandwidth, allowing CV control over the peaks and the form of the filter. Great for creating formats and reject style filtering. Great again for creating a wide array of filtered effects.

  • Frequency: A master cut off frequecy knob, a fmailar control for any synth user. Each filter is adressed seperately here, a CV input is provded for each one.

Where the 291E starts to get really interesting, is when you start to explore the morphing capabilities....the 291E is able to save up to eight snapshots of settings derrived from any one of the three filters, once the settings are saved you can freely modulate through them, thus creating smoothly morphing filtering.

All of these powerful features come together into a single module that compliments the Buchla sound perfectly.

The main features of the Buchla 291e Triple Morphing Filter Module include

Triple bandpass filter module

Plethora of CV inputs

E series, presets can be stored and recalled

Smooth morphing between filter settings


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