Buchla 292 Re-Issue Quad Lopass Gate Model 292 (rev c)

Quad Low Pass Gate

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a quad low pass gate, designed in the classic Buchla synthesis style. It can be used as a low pass filter on its own or as a LPF and VCA combo for the iconic Buchla percussive pluck and plink tonality.

The Buchla 292 Quad Lopass Gate Classic Reissue is a recreation of the original Quad LoPass Gate (rev C) for 200 Series.

The Buchla 292 Quad Lopass Gate Classic Reissue includes four independent vactrol-based gates/filters. It boasts four inputs and eight outputs. Four large knobs serve to control the amplitude or cut-off frequency point and include CV input for external modulation.

LoPass gates are an intrinsic part of the “Buchla” sound and has inherent qualities such as its ability to create dynamic tonal variation akin to an acoustic instrument.

The Buchla 292 Classic Reissue module can be installed in modern Buchla cases and are compatible with Buchla's 200e lineup, making them the perfect complement to each other.

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