Buchla 292e Quad Dynamics Manager Module

Quad Dynamics Manager Module

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a quad low pass gate, designed in the classic Buchla synthesis style. It can be used as a low pass filter on its own or as a LPF and VCA combo for the iconic Buchla percussive pluck and plink tonality.

The Buchla 292e Quad Dynamics Manager Module a fundamental cornerstone of the signature Buchla sound, a four channel vactrol based circuit which can serve as either a VCA, a low pass filter or a combination of the two to form a low pass gate.

The Buchla sound can be defined by a few different components, but none are quite as synonymous with Buchla as the low pass gate. A quirky vactrol based circuit that is held in high regard because of it's ability to accuratly replicate realistic physical attack and decay characteristics, that you would typically experience on an acoustic instrument, these characteristics are normally described as a "pluck" which you simply don't experience on other synthesizers systems.

Able to serve as four independant processors at once, each channel can either be a low pass filter, VCA or a low pass gate. Each channel has an audio input on TiniJax, a CV input for controlling either the VCA output (variable from -120dB to +3dB), the frequency cut off when in filter mode or the output of the LPG in LPG mode, and each channel has two audio puts for parallel processing, or alternatively you can use the all output to get the sum of all four channels at once.

Unlike the original 292, the 292E includes a velocity input which provides for Buchla take on key tracking providing even more expressive control over the circuit. And because it's an E series module, all settings can be stored and recalled when used with an E series preset manager like the 225E or 206E.

An iconic circuit that is a crucial component of any Buchla system.

The main features of the Buchla 292E Quad Dynamics Manager include

Quad low pass gate, VCA or low pass filter

E series with preset recall and storage

Classic Buchla plink and plonk, percussive filtering

Dual outputs per channel for parallel processing

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