Buchla 292h Dual Lowpass Gate Module

Dual Lowpass Gate Module

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a dual dynamics gate, in the classic Buchla style each channel can be used as a low pass filter, a VCA or a combination of both for that classic Bucha additive percussive tone and function.

The Buchla 292h Dual Lowpass Gate Module a H series format Dynamics Manager that forms one of the cornerstones of the signature Buchla sound, based around two vactrols, this unique circuit comprises of both a low pass filter and a VCA which can be used separately or together to form a low pass gate.

Low pass gates are one of the key characteristics that define the Buchla sound, revered because of their plucky, organic decay and response they ultimately define that percussive, plink that Buchla systems are so well known for.

The 292H provides two seperate dynamics gates, both feature CV control over the output level or frequency cut off  (depending on the mode selected) and can be switched between its three modes using the green mode button. There's also a velocity CV input, which adds further dynamic control over your patch, making it for feel more organic and "human".

Audio I/O as with the rest of the H series range is on TiniJax and CV is handled with the classic Banana cables and remote control and preset management is possible when combined with a preset manager module.

The main features of the Buchla 292h Dual Low Pass Gate include

Dual dynamics manager

Based around a dual vactrol circuit

Serves as both a VCA and a low pass filter

H Series format with preset capabilities

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