Buchla 297 Infinite Phase Shifter Module

Infinite Phase Shifter Module

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unlike any other phaser, it's completely unique as it's able to phase shift an audio signal by up to 1800 degrees depending on the settings applied. The 297 includes the iconic Dave's Barber Shop pole shifting.

The Buchla 297 Infinite Phase Shifter Module, an additive phaser if there ever was one. With phase shifting of up to 1800 degrees and an incredible offering of CV controllable parameters, this is the defacto phaser that perfectly compliments the Buchla sound.

The Buchla 297 has 10-stages to its phase displacement circuit, each of which provides 180 degrees of phasing. The 297 allows the original signal to be mixed with the wet phase displaced signal to create comb filtering style sounds, couple this with the notch and resonance circuits and you're going to discover some weird and wonderful musical phrases and sounds.

The onboard sweep oscillator controls the speed of the phasing and runs all the way from 0.03Hz to 33Hz, which is great for outlandish FM and crazy modulation. The 297 is also capable of the classic Barber Pole phase displacement, where the phase shift continuously moves in a single direction, the rate of which is of course CV controllable and move all the way up to 2.5 octaves per second!

In true Buchla fashion, much of the architecture of the 297 is CV controllable, patch points include:

  • Phaser shift centre point, with a bi-polar CV attenuator / depth control

  • Notch point CV input with depth control

  • Full CV control over the frequency of the sweep oscillator and depth of said oscillator

  • Resonance frequency input, with attenuator

  • Rate of change for Barber Pole phasing

And to top it off, there's a multi-range envelope follower that sends out a short burst voltage based on the transients of the incoming audio signals, which you can use to either modulate the 297 internally or patch somewhere else to create dynamic variation.

The 297 pairs well with a 251E, a 250E and if you're feeling lavish a 252E. Using these combinations will let you explore some otherwise inaccesible sound scapes and rhythmic patters you simply can't make on anything else.

The main features of the Buchla 297 Infinite Phaser Shifter include:

10-stage 1800 degrees phase shifter

Full CV control over all aspects of the phase circuit

Capable of barber pole phasing

Onboard envelope follower

Smooth mix between wet and dry signals

Not an E series preset compatible module

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