Buchla LEM 218 Touchplate Keyboard v3

Iconic capacitance touchplate keyboard

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Complete redesign of Don Buchla’s original 218e capacitive touch keyboard with improved texture and feel, polyphonic MIDI, and eurorack compatibility. , the touch controller from the Music Easel system, now available separately from the Easel architecture. With 29 notes transposable over 4 octaves, the LEM218 lets you assign multiple CV parameters.

At a glance

  • 29-note capacitance keyboard
  • Onboard arpeggiator
  • 4-preset voltages or octave switches
  • Eurorack Compatible
  • Internal MIDI to CV converter
  • Internal 1.2 to 1.0 volts per octave conversion
  • MIDI Polyphony

The Buchla LEM 218e Touch Activated Voltage Source completely redesigns Don Buchla's original 218e capacitive touch keyboard with improved texture and feel, polyphonic MIDI, eurorack compatibility. 

The Buchla LEM 218e features a familiar piano key layout as well as extra settings and possibilities for venturing into unexplored artistic territories. This updated version has improved sensitivity and precision, enabling the production of triggers and control voltages with the lightest touch. Adjustable sensors provide a pleasing tactile experience by ensuring the optimal reaction to one's playing.

The LEM 218 has expressive pressure output, which adds another degree of control. It gives velocity control that may be assigned to your sound when used with MIDI. A new touch strip provides extra controls for pitch bend and whatever modulation you can think of. Sensors feature automated calibration, and a reset button assures that it may be played immediately.

This newly designed touchplate also unites the Buchla and Eurorack worlds, allowing you to manage your favourite eurorack module or related equipment. The LEM 218 combines Eurorack and Buchla instruments with four 3.5mm Jack outputs tracking at 1v/oct, 0.5V for gate, and 0-8V for pressure.

The LEM218 is also a powerful MIDI controller, featuring a USB-C connection and 3.5mm MIDI ports, enabling you to operate your favourite soft synth or MIDI-equipped keyboard with the 218's distinctive expressiveness. MIDI messages transmitted include note-name, channel pressure, velocity, and sustain settings for each note. The touch Strip can function as a mod wheel, pitch bend control, on any MIDI channel. Chords can be played in the Polyphonic MIDI mode. The LEM may also be used as a MIDI to CV converter, generating CV for Eurorack and Buchla devices.

The integrated Arpeggiator goes beyond standard rhythmic note patterns by enabling varied voltages to produce fascinating interlocking rhythms by combining diverse patterns and unpredictability.

The classic preset voltage knobs additionally give extra controls for swiftly shifting voltages. Excellent for simple note transposition, arpeggiation modes and octave shifting.

The LEM 218 is a highly adaptable instrument interface that may be readily tailored to your playing style. Elements like velocity and pressure sensitivity, MIDI channel, knob behaviour, and more may be tailored to meet the demands of every performer.

The LEM 218 comes with the following: 

  • LEM 218
  • 12V Grounded Power Supply
  • Grounding Strap
  • 3.5mm to 5-pin DIN MIDI adapters
  • Quick Start guide

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