Buchla Retro Program Card

Rewire your music Easel with these manual program cards

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allows for the user to create presets for the Music Easel Synthesizer. By putting the Easel into remote control mode and making some careful solder patching to a program card, you can quick and easily make a preset

The Buchla Music Easel Retro Program Card is the old school way of programming presets into your Music Easel, they slot into the Easel Expansion Port and further expand the sonic possibilities of this already, very capable synthesizer.

If you're handy with a soldering iron and have a few resistors spare, then the Easel Program Cards are perfect for you. A simple PCB with legends to define the connections within the Easel sound source, you are encouraged to solder the points on the cards, to create new sounds and modulations.

Since the circuit is open, you can touch the boards with your hand to short the connections and make even more weird noises.

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