Burl Audio BDA8 8-channel DAC card for B16

8 Channel Class A D/A

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Eight-channel Class A digital-to-analogue module designed for the Burl B16 Mothership chassis, featuring a minimal signal path and capacitor-less Class A design for precise, character-rich audio conversion. Derived from the esteemed B2 Bomber DAC, it boasts high headroom and superb frequency response. Ensuring low jitter rates through a precise local crystal clock, the BDA8 delivers distortion-free digital signal conversion. The B16 Mothership can accommodate up to ten BDA8 modules, providing 80 channels of DAC. This setup allows users to experience their true sonic potential, distinct from more clinical alternatives.

At a glance

  • Eight-channel Class A digital-to-analog module
  • Designed for the Burl B16 Mothership chassis
  • Minimal signal path design
  • Capacitor-less Class A architecture
  • Exceptional precision and unique musical character
  • Derived from the renowned B2 Bomber DAC
  • High headroom and impressive frequency response
  • Low jitter rates ensured by a precise local crystal clock
  • Accommodates up to ten BDA8 modules in the B16 Mothership
  • Offers a distinct sonic character compared to clinical alternatives.

The Burl BDA8 is an exceptional eight-channel Class A digital-to-analog module designed to seamlessly integrate into the Burl B16 Mothership chassis. This engineering marvel prioritizes signal purity by minimizing signal paths and adopting a capacitor-less Class A architecture, resulting in a digital-to-analogue converter of unparalleled precision and a unique, musical character. Burl, renowned for its audio excellence, draws a direct lineage from the exceptional two-channel B2 Bomber DAC rack unit.

The meticulous design and unwavering commitment to the quality of the Burl BDA8 yield generous headroom and impressive frequency response, irrespective of the production costs. The Burl sound possesses a distinctive character and richness that sets it apart from the more clinical, transparent alternatives in the market.

The BDA8 within the B16 Mothership ensures low jitter rates by incorporating a highly precise local crystal clock, effectively regenerating incoming sync code. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your digital signals convert at precisely the right moment, leaving no room for ambiguity, distortion, or unwelcome sonic artefacts.

Incorporating the Burl BDA8 into your setup allows you to experience your true sonic potential—there's simply no substitute.

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