Burl Audio B22-Orca-ELMA

Control room monitor daughter card for the B80 and B16 Motherships

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Monitoring control daughter card for the Burl B80 mothership with four channels of DAC, BX5 transformer and NextGen BOPA14 Opamps and Elma stepped attenuator.

The BURL B22 Orca is a control monitoring daughter card for the B80 mothership with four channels of DAC and Elma stepped attenuator.

The BURL B22 Orca features the same analogue and all discrete circuit path of the B26 and delivers superior sonic transparency and 3D stereo imaging. It includes four DAC channels with the first two offering mastering-grade channels with selectable BX5 output transformers. These can be used to feed a mix or mastering chain for analogue processing. The other two DAC channels feed the monitoring section with two stereo outputs and one stereo headphone out.

Inside, the BURL B22 Orca boasts BURL NextGen BOPA14 op-amps which produces a tight low-end and high definition throughout the audio spectrum. It results in more tangible mixes with improved 3D sound, wider stereo image and more depth without sacrificing the original harmonic balance of the source.

BURL B22 Orca Main Features:

  • 4-channel DAC
  • 8-channel DB25 connectivity (Tascam style)
  • All class-A, NextGen Analog BOPA14 or BOPA11 op-amps
  • 2 DAC channels with switchable BX5 output transformer
  • 2 DAC channels for monitoring
  • 2 stereo speaker outputs and 1 stereo headphone output
  • External meter output
  • Alps audiophile attenuator (standard)
  • Stepped 0.1% matched resistor attenuator (optional)
  • Avid delay matching
  • DAC filter select

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