Burl Audio BDA4

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The Burl BDA4 is a four-channel digital to analogue converter for the Burl 80 and B16 Motherships, with Burl’s BX5 nickel core output transformer and BOPA4 Op-amp.

The Burl BDA4 uses Burl’s NextGen Analog circuit path, ensuring tighter bass response and higher definition over the entire audio spectrum. Combined with the all-discrete BOPA14 Op-amp and the Burl BX5 Nickel core transformer, originally found in the B32 Vancouver, it provides incredible detail and brings your instruments to life.

The BDA4 is designed to recreate the sought-after characteristics of analogue equipment with none of the drawbacks such as internal noise or hiss. It also has a higher dynamic range and headroom than most analogue units.

While the Burl tone is highly regarded, some engineers require an extra push. The BDA4 has you covered. Using a switchable DAC filter, engineers and producers alike can push the sound into a more aggressive territory with pronounced mid-range.

Pro Tools users will welcome the perfectly matched output delay of the Avid I/Os when using hardware inserts, ensuring a tight mix with no latency mismatch.

Burl Audio BDA4 Main Features:

  • 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz, 24-bit, 4-channel DAC
  • Circuit path based on Burl Next Gen. Analog BURL AUDIO BOPA4 OP-AMP
  • BX5 nickel core output transformer
  • All Class-A, discrete transistor signal path with zero capacitors
  • Switchable DAC filters for variable tone
  • Switchable delay settings to match AVID converters
  • Low latency
  • 4-channel XLR connectivity
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