Burl Audio BDA8 for B80

8 Channel Class A D/A

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8 channel Class A low-jitter D/A module for Burl B80 Mothership chassis

At a glance

  • Eight-channel Class A digital-to-analog module
  • Designed for the Burl B16 Mothership chassis
  • Minimal signal path design
  • Capacitor-less Class A architecture
  • Exceptional precision and unique musical character
  • Derived from the renowned B2 Bomber DAC
  • High headroom and impressive frequency response
  • Low jitter rates ensured by a precise local crystal clock
  • Accommodates up to ten BDA8 modules in the B16 Mothership
  • Offers a distinct sonic character compared to clinical alternatives.

The Burl BDA8 is an eight channel low-jitter Class A digital-to-analogue module to fit the Burl B80 Mothership chassis.

 Keeping the signal paths of the Burl BDA8 to a minimum and using a capacitor-less Class A design has resulted in a D/A converter of supreme accuracy, combined with a rare character and musicality. Burl has a reputation for audio excellence and the Burl BDA8 is directly derived from the excellent two-channel B2 Bomber DAC rack unit.

High headroom and great frequency response are the result of the careful design and commitment-to-quality of the Burl BDA8 - no matter what the cost. The Burl sound has a character and body that distinguishes it from many of the more clean-sounding, transparent alternatives.

Low jitter rates are ensured on the BDA8 in the B80 Mothership, by including a highly accurate local crystal clock to regenerate incoming sync code, thus allowing your digital signals to convert at precisely the right time - no vagueness, fuzziness or odd sonic artefacts.

The B80 Mothership will accept up to ten of these little Burl BDA8 workhorses, slipping into the slots - giving you up to 80 channels of DAC with no fuss.

Using the Burl BDA8 lets you hear what you really should sound like - accept no substitute.

Burl BDA8 Overview

  • 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, 24 bit, 8 channel DAC
  • Circuit path based on B2 Bomber DAC
  • Latest Burl Audio BOPA2, OP-AMP
  • All class A, discrete transistors signal path, zero caps

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