Buzz Audio DBC-M Mastering Compressor

DBC-20 Mastering Edition Compressor

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Mastering version of the DBC-20 diode bridge compressor with fully switched controls, side chain HPF and Soft Mode

The Buzz Audio DBC-M is a mastering version of the DBC-20 diode bridge compressor with fully switched controls ensuring precise settings and easy recall.

The Buzz Audio DBC-M adds an innovative side chain design to the diode bridge gain reduction element to provide a unique vintage vibe. The audio path uses a Class A discrete amplifier designs in a balanced configuration with radio steel laminated transformer coupling to the diode bridge element. The result is a very tight and musical character full of rich harmonics.

Easy to use the DBC-M features six-switched attack and release times covering a wide range of options from fast to slower and even an interesting auto release mode.  A single Compress rotary knob adjusts the automatic ratio and threshold with ratio progressively increased as the gain reduction deepens. This ensures seamless control of very dynamic signals and complex percussive signals. A Soft mode switch retains some of the dynamic peaks while the HPF in the side chain lowers the sensitivity in the low end.

A horizontal point source LED bar graph provides clear display gain reduction while the gloss finish knobs give its gorgeous vintage feel.

Buzz Audio DBC-M Mastering Compressor Main Features:

  • Mastering version of the DBC-20
  • Vintage-inspired Transformer-coupled Diode Gain Reduction Element
  • Fully-balanced Class A Amplifier Design
  • Stereo Linkable Operation
  • Self-Adjusting Ratio
  • Switched controlled Attack and Release Controls
  • Fast-response LED Bar Graph Meter with True Peak and Gain Reduction levels
  • Soft Mode to retain dynamic peaks
  • Side-chain High Pass Filter

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