Buzz Audio Elixir 500-Series Mic-Pre

500 Series Mic Preamp with Lundahl transformer

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Single channel mic preamp module for 500-series format with two BE40 True Class A Amplifiers, Lundahl LL1517 output transformer for subtle bass colouration, clear high frequencies and smooth midrange.

At a glance

  • 500-Series rack module format - plugin and play!
  • Advanced analogue technology - not a clone or copy of products from the past.
  • Fully discrete hi-bias wide bandwidth differential Class A amplifiers.
  • Matched and selected semiconductors.
  • Transformerless input, straight-line single path.
  • High-performance Lundahl* output transformer.
  • 41 position max trimmed GAIN control.
  • Optimized "grunty" Class A amplifiers for the input/output functions.
  • Output Mute and Hi/Lo input impedance switches.
  • Accurate four LED peak level meter.

The Buzz Audio Elixir is a single channel mic preamp designed for the 500-series designed to provide a subtle bass colouration whilst retaining smooth medium and clear high frequencies.

The Buzz Audio Elixir features two BE40 True Class A amplifiers in a transformerless input configuration leading to two BE50 Class A high current audio buffers driving a Lundahl LL1157 output transformer providing balanced to balanced output conversion and common-mode rejection. This unique topology delivers superior transient response extended bandwidth and induced noise rejection.

The Buzz Audio Elixir provides up to 70dB of gain with a 41 position max trimmed control, enough to work with low output ribbon microphones. A -20dB pad reduces the gain range from -2dB to 50dB to accommodate loud sources. A Selectable input impedance switch allows you to choose from 1200 Ohms or 4000 Ohms. In addition to matching your microphone, this IN Z switch can be used as a ton shaping option. The Elixir also features a Hi-Z instrument input with a gain ranging from 12dB all the way to 60dB. When in Line mode the impedance ranges from 20k Ohms all the way up to an impressive 1M Ohms. Engaging the Line mode is as simple as inserting a jack on the front-panel input.

*The Elixir's power consumption is higher than many modules and may stress some 500-series rack power supplies

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