Buzz Audio MA2.2BTX

Dual Channel Mic Preamp

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Ultra-clean yet musical dual-channel mic preamp designed to provide the utmost clarity and warmth.

At a glance

  • Fully discrete hi-bias wide bandwidth differential Class A amplifiers.
  • Matched and selected semiconductors.
  • Transformerless input and output with hi-grade film coupling capacitors.
  • 2 stages of power supply regulation.
  • Individual discrete regulators for each stage of the 2 stage amplifier.
  • High quality bifurcated relays for signal switching.
  • Single Point Ground PCB layout.
  • 41 position max trimmed GAIN control.
  • Trimmed common-mode noise rejection.
  • Optimized "grunty" Class A amplifiers for the input/output functions.
  • Output Mute and Hi/Lo input impedance switches.
  • Sowter output transformer option.
  • 2 output connectors
  • Shielded toroidal power transformer
  • The Buzz Audio MA-2.2BTX uses a high-quality Lundahl 1517 output transformer instead of electronically balanced output adding a bit more warmth to the overall sound.

    The Buzz Audio MA-2.2B is an ultra-clean yet musical dual-channel mic preamp designed to provide the utmost clarity and warmth.

    The Buzz Audio MA-2.2B adds significant improvements over previous models including calibrated 24 position Elma switches for accurate stereo matching, new 19-led peak output level meter and clickless push buttons for functions.

    The MA-2.2B uses a Class A circuitry developed by Tim Farrant which provides very wide frequency response, ultra-fast slew rates and vanishingly low distortion and ultra-low noise. It is further complemented by an over-engineered power-supply with localised Class-A regulators which helps deliver an authoritative and accurate low end. Input transformers have been replaced by Wilma film capacitors which provide improved phase coherence and better performance than polarised capacitors.

    In use, the MA-2.2B provides a clean, vibrant sound with tight low end and no midrange harshness even with a high amount of gain.

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