Buzz Audio REQ2.2 MEA

Dual Channel Passive EQ

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Dual-channel Passive EQ with 72 frequencies over 4 parallel bands, +/-16dB boost and cut, variable saturation. Standard version with Alps pots.

The Buzz Audio REQ 2.2 MEA is the same as the REQ2.2 ME with an active low band which provides a tighter bass response.

The Buzz Audio REQ 2.2 MEA is a mastering-grade dual channel passive EQ with an impressive 72 frequencies spread over its four parallel bands delivering a truly beautiful sound with tight lows, clear highs with no harshness.

The Buzz Audio REQ2.2ME features a unique combination of parallel passive filter circuits and active amplifier stages. Unlike the regular REQ2.2, the mastering edition includes +/- 8dB stepped boost and cut controls for each band via 23 position ELMA brand switches and different high pass filter slopes with smaller steps.

The REQ2.2 ME is truly unique in that it features no less than 72 central frequencies spread over all four bands of each channel offering far more flexibility than most passive EQs. The lower and higher bands can be switched to shelves or bells depending on the application and both mid-frequency bands cover different frequency ranges. When in Shelf mode, the Q or bandwidth control can be used to control the slope of the shelves.

The Buzz Audio REQ 2.2ME also features a variable "saturation" module based around a steel transformer driven by an old-style Class A amplifier, producing a "vintage" style sound. When the saturation is engaged, the low-frequency response is affected by the saturation control depending on the position of the switch.

The Buzz Audio REQ2.2ME displays superior craftsmanship throughout with high-quality all-stepped controls for precise matching and recall, clever modular design for easy servicing, single-point power supply wiring and discrete power regulator for each band.

Buzz Audio REQ2.2 ME Mastering EQ Overview:
  • No other equalizer like it in the world.
  • Fully discrete hi-bias wide bandwidth differential Class A amplifiers.
  • Real choke and capacitor resonant circuits that sound fantastic.
  • 72 frequency choices per channel.
  • Individual discrete power supply regulators for each EQ band.
  • Large easy to adjust knobs.
  • High-quality long-life switches and potentiometers.
  • Modular internal construction for easy future servicing.
  • Unique transformer saturation module.
  • Overall and individual band bypass switches.
  • High-end balanced input and output amplifiers.
  • Input connectors with loop through.
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