Buzz Audio SOC-20

Class-A Compressor

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£2,030.00 ex VAT
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Stereo optical compressor.

The Buzz Audio SOC-20 is a Class A version of their well known SOC-1.1 compressor.

The Buzz Audio SOC-20 includes additional features suggested by our users including a fully balanced XLR side chain insert point, extra ratio and attack settings and a sidechain high pass filter (for less low frequency compression when used on the mix buss).

At the flick of a switch, the SOC-20 converts to a M/S (Mid Side) compressor allowing you to compress and/or re-balance the sum and difference signals of a stereo mix. The side chain monitor function allows you to hear the MS signals and the side chain insert send can be used as a MS encoder output.



  • The vivid sound of discrete Class A amplifiers in the signal path
  • The lush tone of Lundahl audio output transformers
  • Culmination of 20 years design experience
  • Robust chassis construction
  • On board linear power supplies - no wall warts
  • Easy to use control layouts

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