Cloud Microphones 44A

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Active ribbon microphone reminiscent of the legendary RCA 44 and includes a unique music and voice switch adding to its versatility.

The Cloud Microphones 44-A is an active ribbon microphone reminiscent of the legendary RCA 44.  It includes a unique "Music" and "Voice" switch that changes the frequency response curve.

The Cloud Microphones 44-A has been designed around the original ribbon design of the RCA 44 microphone.   The latest technology is then used to ensure best performance for modern requirements. The technology found in the Cloudlifter has been added to provide 20dB of completely transparent gain allowing you to use any mic preamp.

An innovative Music and Voice switch lets you choose two specific response curve. For vocalists and voiceover artists, the “Voice” mode reduces the bass lift that occurs when capturing at close range. The “Voice” mode can also remove subsonic information when capturing instruments at close range. By contrast, the “Music” setting restores the full range of the microphone for recording instruments from afar.

The Cloud 44-A includes the Cloud U1 shock-mount and comes in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box.  A microfiber mic cover is also provided to store and clean the microphone.

Cloud Microphones 44-A Active Ribbon Mic Main Features:

  • Figure-8 polar pattern, excellent side-null rejection
  • Cloudlifter technology, for pristine, transparent gain
  • Selectable Voice or Music response curves
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to above 20kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 138dB SPL > 1kHz
  • Output Sensitivity: -25.3 dBv/Pa
  • Phantom-powered "Cloudlifter" circuity
  • Ribbon element dimensions: .19" wide, 2.35" long, 1.8 microns thick
  • New mount offers 180-degree range of motion
  • Internally shock mounted; built in XLR connector
  • Two-year ribbon warranty
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all other parts, with registration
  • Handmade at Cloud's manufacturing lab in Tucson, Arizona

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