Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1

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The Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 is a single-channel in-line mic preamp designed to boost the output of dynamic and ribbon microphones.


The Cloud Cloudlifter CL-1 provides up to 25dB of ultra-clean and transparent gain to complement your main mic pre. The mic activator lets your microphone preamp work more efficiently and provides an ideal solution for common audio problems such as hiss and crackles.

Inserting the Cloudlifter between your dynamic mic and audio interface will ensure a much cleaner sound. The +48V phantom power of your mic pre or audio interface powers it.

Active Ultra Clean Gain

The CloudLifter CL-1 uses a high-quality two-stage amplification design with a direct-coupled Class A discrete JFET circuitry. Its patent-pending technology ensures that the direct audio path remains free from transformers, capacitors and resistors.

In addition, it provides pristine gain and ensures optimal impedance loading for dynamic and ribbon microphones.

The CL-1 preserves the natural sound of your source and allows your mic preamp to work without noise and crackle.

A Must-have for Ribbon Mics

The CloudLifter mic activator is the ideal companion to passive ribbon microphones. The CL-1 in-line microphone preamplifier inserts after the ribbon microphone and increases the microphone signal ensuring optimum operation with any mic preamp. It is like using an active ribbon mic.

A Tool for the Studio and Live


The CL-1 also offers additional advantages for live applications. In large venues, it boosts the signal enough to drive your signal over long XLR cables ensuring optimum sound quality. 

Another benefit includes dramatically increasing the gain before feedback letting your vocals cut through a mix on stage.

The rugged steel enclosure provides superior shielding, while the included strap allows for sage mounting on stage and stand mounting.

Responsibly Manufactured

The ClouldLifter is handcrafted in Tucson, USA, using only environmentally friendly methods and has a Lifetime warranty for parts and labour.

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