Cloud Microphones JRS-34-P

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Passive ribbon mic based on the RCA BK-11 & 44-BX.

The Cloud Microphones JRS-34-P is a passive ribbon microphone with bi-directional polarity. It combines all the best features of vintage ribbon microphones of the RCA44a and RCA BK-11a.

The Cloud Microphones JRS-34-P is designed by Stephen Sank, son of legendary RCA microphone designer Jon R. Sank. The JRS-34 brings this RCA heritage into the 21st century with modern technology. A brand new suspended shock-mounting system use a suspended ribbon mounted on springs. Two of the nickel plated springs carry the signal to the output circuit through output cables.

The ribbon element is of specially tampered 1.8 micron pure aluminium. It is cut and corrugated to match the ribbon used in the RCA 44a. The ribbon motor uses rounded magnets to reduce the amount of reflected sound. This technique avoids waves reflections and comb filtering colouration.

Handmade in the US, the JRS-34-P exhudes class and only used high-quality components.

Cloud Microphones JRS-34-P Ribbon Microphone Main Features:

  • Figure 8 polar pattern, excellent side null rejection
  • Patented Rounded Magnet technology
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to above 20 kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 138 + dB SPL above 1 kHz
  • Output Impedance: 150 ohms nominal
  • Output Sensitivity: -49 dBv/Pa
  • Ribbon element dimensions: .19 inches wide, 2.35 inches long, 1.8 microns thick
  • New mount offers 180 degree range of motion
  • Internally shock mounted
  • Built in XLR connector
  • 2 year ribbon warranty
  • Free limited lifetime warranty on all other parts, with registration
  • Handmade entirely in the USA

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