Coleman SR5.1 MKIII

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1U precision 5.1 surround controller with mono and stereo fold-down capabilities as well as a new 47-position stepped attenuator

The Coleman Audio SR5.1MKIII is a 1U precision 5.1 surround level controller and monitoring solution with mono and stereo fold-down capabilities, L/R Mute switches and a new 47-position stepped attenuator.

The Coleman Audio SR5.1MKIII provides six recessed level control to calibrate each speakers and sub of your 5.1 system to your listening environment. Once calibrated, the overall level control is achieved with the main 47-position stepped attenuator that has an impressive tolerance of 0.05dB ensuring consistent input adjustments.

A Fold-down section lets you downmix to Mono and Stereo to make sure that you mixes translate on all systems including TV speakers, headphones, and more.

Coleman Audio SR5.1MKIII Surround Level control:

  • The ideal way to mix in 5.1 surround
  • Great for mixing sound for film, video game audio, or HD audio formats
  • 47-position, 6-gang stepped master control (+/- 0.05dB) guarantees a balanced listening environment
  • Folds mixes down to mono and stereo for compatibility testing
  • Individual input mutes let you hear only what you want
  • Recessed channel trims help you fine-tune your system
  • 6 balanced combo inputs (accept XLR or 1/4")
  • 6 balanced XLR male outputs
  • L/R mute switches let you audition stereo channels independently

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