Coleman Phone Mix DI

$555.00 ex VAT
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Smartphone Patch system and DI Box for silent practice and real-time monitoring reference.

The Coleman Audio Phone Mix DI lets you patch mobile phones or music players directly in your system as well as letting you plug your instrument for practice purposes without interrupting the session.

The Coleman Audio Phone Mix DI connects to your phone or music player device via the 1/8” mini jack socket and into your system via the Phone XLR output with the properly matched impedance. In addition, the Phone Mix DI includes a two-channel DI box for connecting an instrument for practice purposes. The player simply connects his instrument and a pair of headphones and can jam along the music played on the phone via the headphone output. This is ideal for musicians to learn or practice a part before recording without disturbing others in the production process. Once the part is learned it can be recorded directly via the DI outputs.

Coleman Audio Phone Mix DI Overview:

  • Smartphone Input (1/8” mini cable included)
  • Stereo Instrument Input
  • -20dB Pad Switch
  • ¼” Jack Headphone Output
  • Phone and Mix Stereo Outputs

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