Coles 4030L

Fig8 Entry Level Ribbon Mic

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Entry-level ribbon microphone delivering superb sound quality

The Coles 4030L is an entry-level ribbon microphone delivering superb sound quality. 

The Coles 4030L uses the same magnet technology as found on the 4040 and 4050 microphones. The 4030L has a flat frequency response between 50Hz to 20kHz and is ideal for critical recording. Its figure-of-eight polar pattern is consistent on both horizontal and vertical axis.

The Coles 4030L captures an impressive amount of detail and works with many instruments. It comes in a foam lined rigid carrying case and includes a universal stand mount.

Coles 4030L Main Features:

  • True figure 8 polar pattern
  • Entry-level high-quality ribbon microphone
  • Red dot indicates the front of the mic for phasing purposes
  • XLR output   
  • Custom foam cutout hardshell mic case 

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