BeesNeez Tribute 2 (ELA M 251)

Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Premium large diaphragm condenser microphone inspired by the legendary Telefunken ELA M 251, with hand-crafted BeesNeez CK12 capsule, a mumetal toroidal transformer, a low-noise 6S6B-V Russian Military tube, durable 380 grade brass construction, a proprietary gold-plated Bakelite socket, and comes complete with a power supply and wooden storage box.

At a glance

  • A homage to the classic ELA M 251 microphone, re-engineered for contemporary use.
  • Features the BeesNeez CK12 capsule, offering supreme fidelity and noise performance.
  • Equipped with a 13:1 tap wound mumetal toroidal transformer for enhanced sound clarity.
  • Utilises a 6S6B-V Russian Military tube for historic sonic authenticity.
  • Hand-crafted build from 380-grade brass for unmatched durability.
  • BeesNeez's own proprietary swivel mount connector, finished with a gold-plated Bakelite socket for secure and reliable connections.
  • Includes a Tribute 2 condenser microphone, swivel mount connector and lead, BeesNeez Tribute Series Power Supply, and a wooden box for storage.

The Beesneez Tribute 2 (ELA M251) is a large diaphragm condenser microphone designed in homage to the legendary Telefunken ELA M 251, known for its rich sonic legacy. Crafted to meet the demands of industry professionals, this microphone embodies meticulous engineering and unparalleled sound fidelity.

Unmatched Circuitry

The heart of the Tribute 2 lies in the exclusive BeesNeez CK12 capsule, replicating the multi-chambered design of the original AKG CK12. Achieving such precision is only possible with the highest machining and hand-crafted care standards. The BeesNeez team hand-laps and diaphragms each capsule to ensure that precision is paramount from start to finish. It offers unrivalled noise performance and sonic delivery and is designed to directly replace the AKG CK12 in existing builds or for bespoke microphone manufacturers.

Innovative Transformer Design

The Beesneez Tribute 2 incorporates a 13:1 tap wound mumetal toroidal transformer, which enhances performance by reducing direct current resistance and ensuring optimal impedance conversion. This meticulously crafted transformer boasts a compact size without compromising sound quality, ensuring a rich, interference-free audio experience.

Superior Tube Selection

Including a 6S6B-V Russian Military tube underlines BeesNeez's commitment to low noise and authentic tonal characteristics. Selected for its auditory resemblance to the Telefunken AC701K, this tube fortifies the Tribute 2 with a historic yet modern sonic excellence.

Sonic Excellence

Engineered to capture the esteemed smoothness of the original ELA M251 microphone, the Tribute 2 offers an open and present sound which continues to grace countless legendary recordings.

Robust Construction

BeesNeez doesn't compromise on build quality. The Tribute 2 microphone chassis is constructed from a single piece of cold-formed 380-grade brass, ensuring the microphone's resilience and longevity. The custom-made base and the meticulously machined bronze grill, coated with medical-grade nickel plating, speak volumes of its robustness and build integrity.

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