Corsynth C101B OTA Lowpass Filter

MU Format OTA Low Pass Filter

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MU Format OTA Low Pass Filter Module

The Corsynth C101B is an OTA Based Low Pass Filter Module, a single unit width version of the C101 MKII, retaining all the same sonic quality and character but ocupiing 50% of the space!


At it core the C101 is based around four cascaded OTA stages. OTA based filter circuits are found in such iconic synths as the Roland Jupiter 8, SH-1, SH-101 and many more. OTA circuits provide a good mix of response and audio quality, the C101 is no exception to this.


C101B has two filter circuits, a 24dB low pass and a 6dB low pass, both of which can be used simultaneously since they have their own dedicated outputs. As you'd expect from an OTA filter of this style, self oscillation when in high resonance modes is possible, which produces and super crisp and clear sine wave with perfect tracking well over 5 octaves.


And speaking of high resonance modes, there's a switchable gain compensation circuit onboard that keeps your lowend in check even during super-high resonance into self oscillation, very handy for keeping the floor rumbling throughout your patches.


When it comes to connectivity, the C101 gives you more than enough to play with: two audio inputs, an envelope input with an inverter switch, an FM input, a resonance modulation input and a 1v /oct input, all of which have their own attenuator applied to them.


This is versatile low pass filter, capable of a wide array of filter tones. OTA tone for your 5U system.


As with the rest of the Corsynth range, this module is built using high quality components throughout, including switchcraft jacks, cosmo knobs and anodized aluminium front panels.


The main features of the Corsynth C101B OTA Based Low Pass Filter Module Include


Dual mode low pass filter


Multiple inputs and outputs


OTA based circuitry


5U format power connection

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