Corsynth C103 Frequency Divider Module MKII

MU Format Frequency Divider Module MKII

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The Corsynth C103 MKII is a 5U Moog Format Frequency Divider which is capable of creating some seriously weighty tones from a simple oscillator tone, it can also serve as a clock divider, clock multiplier and even includes CV controllable distortion

The Corsynth C103 Frequency Divider Module MKII is a 5U Moog format clock divider and frequency divider and multiplier module.

The C103 is able to create very complex, multi-layered tones from a single oscillator signal. It consists of three frequency multipliers and dividers, which can be set independently. The modes of each divider are set as such: F, provides linear frequency division or multiplication based upon the input signal, F2 divides or multiplies the incoming frequency by two and F4 divides or multiplies the incoming frequency by four.

So, you can see that by putting a very simple waveform into the input, some complex sub octaves can be generated. This function also extends to clock division, so if you place an LFO, gate or other timing source into the input, the frequency dividers / multipliers will apply their math to that given signal, meaning polyrhythms and interesting modulation can be generated.

All of these functions can be used independently of each other, so F1 can be used to create a sub octave tone whilst F2 and F4 can be used for clock division (for example). Each of the functions have their own separate inputs and outputs:

  • Divider input

  • Multiplication input

  • F2 Division out

  • F2 Multiplication out

  • F4 Division out

  • F4 Multiplication out

  • Division summed mix output

  • Multiplier summed mix output

  • Summed mix of all signals

As with the rest of the Corsynth range, this module is built using high quality components throughout, including switchcraft jacks, cosmo knobs and anodized aluminium front panels.

This is a complex module, with a lot of possible applications. Including voltage controlled distortion.

The main features of the Corsynth C103 MKII Frequency Divider Include

Multi-purpose frequency divider

Can be used for audio, triggers and modulation signals

Multiple inputs and outputs for complex routing

5U Moog format power connection

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