Corsynth C105 MKII Voltage Controlled Noise Module

MU Format Voltage Controlled Noise

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5U Moog Format Voltage Controlled Noise Module which can be used in a variety of different ways, it can be used as a sample rate reducer, a VC high pass filter, a random voltage and trigger generator, west coast random for 5U

The Corsynth C105 MKII Voltage Controlled Noise Module is a 5U Moog format effects utility module that provides a variety of functions in a slim 1 unit form factor.

The C105 is dubbed "Lo-Fi Machine" and that's a pretty accurate description of exactly what it does, it's main function is sample rate reduction, which is internally tied to a sample and hold circuit. The sample and hold and run freely between 250Hz up to 40KHz, the frequency range can also be voltage controlled for intense FM effects.

An internal white noise generator which, in tandem with the sample and hold can be utilized to create pitched tones and even percussive sounds. There's also an internal passive high pass filter circuit, which has its own dedicated output.

As with the rest of the Corsynth range, this module is built using high quality components throughout, including switchcraft jacks, cosmo knobs and anodized aluminium front panels.

The C105 MKII new characteristics are :

  • The internal clock has a new LOW mode that allows to use it as a traditional sample and hold.
  • The module now accepts external clock signals, so it can be synced to other modules.
  • New clock output. Now the C105 can be used as a master clock.
  • The passive first order HPF has been replaced for a voltage controlled second order HPF.

The main features of the Corsynth C105 Voltage Controlled Noise Module Include:

  • Sample rate reducer with internal sample and hold
  • White noise generator
  • Can be used for pitched drones and percussion
  • 5U Moog format
  • power connection

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