Corsynth C107 Quad Linear VCA Mixer Module

MU Format Quad Linear VCA Mixer

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The Corsynth C107 is a Quad Linear VCA Mixer in 5U Moog Format, it has many modes of operation and is an incredibly useful tool for any form of modular system. It can serve as four linear VCAs, a two channel VC mixer, three channel mixer and VCA and more.

The Corsynth C107 is a 5U Moog format Quad Linear VCA Mixer Module, designed to handle both audio and CV signals, this multi-purpose module is an essential tool for any sized system.

VCAs and Mixers are a very important part of any patch, not limited to just amplifying and mixing audio sources, the C107 combines four VCA circuits into a single module and provides summed outputs to allow them to function as mixed VCA's.

This functionality is very useful, for example: you could put three different LFO's into three different VCA inputs, each with a different control applied to them at varied rates, and have the sum of those LFOs sent to a single source, thus providing odd measure and non-repeatable modulation. Then again for more linear functionality, you could mix four audio sources into a single filter.

If your end goal is to have less repetitive feeling patches, or create some interesting generative soundscapes, then you simply can't work without a VCA of this ilk.

Each VCA circuit includes an audio input which initial gain trimmer, a CV input with an attenuator and each VCA is then plumbed to the outputs in the following ways:

  • Channels 1+2 combined

  • Channels 3+4 combined

  • Channels 1,2 + 3 combined

  • A full summed mix output of channels 1,2,3 + 4.

  • There's also independent VCA outputs for each channel

As with the rest of the Corsynth range, this module is built using high quality components throughout, including switchcraft jacks, cosmo knobs and anodized aluminium front panels.

An incredibly useful tool, one no 5U user should be without.

The main features of the Corsynth C107 Quad Linear VCA Mixer Module Include

Quad VCA module

Quad Mixer modules

Perfect for audio and CV duties

Countless ways to patch and utilize this modules capabilites power connection

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