Corsynth C110 2044 Based Low Pass Filter Module

MU Format 2044 Low Pass Filter

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a 2044 low pass filter module that captures the charming sonic qualities of a 2044 IC filter chip and distills it down into a superb sounding and very flexible MU format module. Now you can have all of those sweet filter tones in 5U

The Corsynth C110 is an MU format low pass filter module based on the revered SSM2044 chip, which was used in a wide variety of synthesizers including the Korg Polysix, Monopoly, PPG Wave, the EMU Emulator and much more.

The C110 has been designed using the reissued SSI2144 chip, which is an improved version of the original 2044 that has a lower noise floor but still retains its unique sonic characteristics, giving you all the sweet, smooth and mellow response you’re familiar with.

Corsynth’s C110 doesn’t just use a better IC, it’s also been designed to alleviate one of the most common issues found on a majority of low pass filters: you know when you crank up the resonance, you lose all of your low end? Well, the C110 has a switchable resonance gain compensation circuit, so even in high resonance settings, you can chose to retain your low end, or stick to the standard filter response.

In terms of I/O on the module, there’s two FM inputs, a 1 volt per octave input, a resonance CV inputs and an audio input and output. The first FM input is as you would expect, it simple effects the filter cut off with whatever signal is connected, the second FM input however, has a bi-polar attenuator and a 0.66 volt per octave range, giving it a very unique range of tonal vocabulary.

As you’d expect with a 2044 / 2144 IC self oscillation is possible, and the C 110 allows for incredibly accurate tracking over 4 whole octaves, providing you with a wide range sine oscillator if you so wish.

The C110 captures all of the sonic qualities of the original 2044 design, vastly improves it’s feature sets and makes it available for you 5U system.

As with the rest of the Corsynth range, this module is built using high quality components throughout, including switchcraft jacks, cosmo knobs and anodized aluminium front panels.

The main features of the Corsynth C110 2044 VCF include

MU format 5U low pass filter

Vintage IC design

Gain compensation circuit

Dual FM inputs power connection

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