Corsynth C11 Multimode Contour Generator

MU Format Multimode Contour Generator

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a complex multi-mode envelope generator that's comprised of four AD envelopes that can be looped, mixed and manipulated in a variety of ways to create complex functions and unique envelope shapes

The Corsynth C111 is a powerful multi-mode envelope generator / function generator that encompasses everything Pablo at Corsynth considers an envelope should and could be, boasting four AD envelopes with looping capabilities, output mixing and individual outs.

At just 2MU units, the C111 packs in a absolute tonne of functionality without taking up much real-estate in your 5U system, allowing to create complex envelope shapes, unique LFO’s and functions otherwise impossible in such a small space.

Comprised of four AD or ASR envelopes, the C111 can be used as four standalone envelopes each with an individual gate input, the envelopes can be set to loop on themselves to form LFO’s with A/B and C/D featuring shared outputs that can be cross-faded between to form unique functions.

Complex inter-modulation can be realised by sending the output of a looping envelope into the trigger input of another and so forth, to create cascading evolving functions and unique shapes.

This is the kind of module that can be utilised in any system or any patch, providing subtle movement and evolving control for any CV input, quantize it for moving evolving pitches or run it into a filters cut off for interesting movement.

The main features of the Corsynth C111 include

  • MU format quad AD envelope generator
  • Four stages can be linked, looped and crossfaded
  • 2MU units wide

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