Crane Song Avocet IIA

Class-A Monitor Controller

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£3,165.83 ex VAT
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Monitoring Controller with 5th generation Quantum DAC, less 1pS jitter 3 sub outputs and new 0.25dB step output level control

The Crane Song Avocet II A is the next-generation mastering-grade Class A monitor controller with remote control.

The Crane Song Avocet II A features a brand new Quantum DAC technology. This new digital-to-analogue converter works at 32-bit with asynchronous sample rate conversion.  It also offers up-sampling to 211 kHz for jitter reduction. Jitter reduction is the lowest in the whole industry with less 1pS. The result is much clearer, defined and tighter sound.

In addition to the new DAC, the Avocet IIA now boasts a raft of new features. First is a new subwoofer output on all three analogue monitor outputs. Output levels now are programmable in 0.25dB steps offering increased speaker level matching accuracy.

The included remote offers control over dim, mute, phase, mono and 16-bit truncation.  A Speaker select switch also sends line level audio to any of the three outputs.

Crane Song Avocet II A Monitoring Controller Main Features:

  • Mastering grade monitor controller
  • 5th Generation Quantum DAC offers unrivalled jitter rejection (as low as 1pS)
  • Pristine, detailed, focused and bigger sound
  • Rack unit and desktop remote control
  • Improved functionality of the remote
  • Three digital inputs
  • Three digital outputs
  • Three stereo analogue inputs on XLRs
  • 0.25dB steps output level control
  • Subwoofer output for all analogue outputs
  • Intuitive operation
  • Made in U.S.A.

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