Crane Song Falcon

500 Series Valve Compressor

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FALCON is a classic sounding tube compressor in a 500 series package.

Crane Song Falcon is a classic sounding tube compressor in the 500 Series format.

Falcon features 3 attack and 3 release time settings, hard and soft knee choices for compression or limiting, two different audio path sounds, wet-dry mixing for parallel compression, and is linkable.

Similar in sound to the classic Summit TLA-100 that Dave Hill originally designed, this was the first 500-Series and Valve design to be released from Crane Song.

The audio path colour is changed by modifying the tube circuit so it has negative feedback or does not have negative feedback. This along with the optical like quality of the compressor allows for a vintage sound or a much cleaner sound with optical characteristics.

When linked the master unit controls all functions on the slave except for wet-dry and make up gain. The link system is capable of doing 5.1

Crane Song Falcon Main Features :

  • Noise Floor -82.5 dbu measured 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Valve : 12AX7B
  • Power : 10mA with 16 volt bipolar power supplies
  • The input and output are balanced, with the output being transformer balanced
  • Attack time : For a 12 db change, 100uS; 7mS; 20mS
  • Release time : For a 12 db change, 75mS to 200mS; 300mS to 1S; 1.4S to 3.5S; the release time changes depending on the signal
  • Made in U.S.A.


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