Crane Song IBIS/M

Mastering Version of the Class-A EQ

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£7,499.17 ex VAT
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All click detente version of the IBIS for mastering.

All click detente version of the Crane Song IBIS for mastering.

Fully parametric EQ of the highest order.

The smoothest and most musical EQ beast on the planet with 24 Frequencies per band (96 in total with Bands Overlapping)

The Crane Song IBIS is a Class-A stereo four-band mastering EQ with a selectable 'colour' switch per band or per channel which gives a depth and warmth to sources, it also has a separate fully variable High Pass Filter. Adding Colour to Band 1 will add warmth, adding colour to Band 3 will add presence and upper mid detail. Adding colour to the high frequencies will add extra 'air'.

The Crane Song IBIS shows what Q (.2 > 4 octaves) really does. Like all Crane Song units, use for 15 minutes and fall in love. The Hz and KHz are uniquely also marked in musical notes.

The Standard EQ has a range to plus or minus 12db on each Channel. The Mastering version has a range of plus or minus 6db, stepped 0.5db steps to 5db and 1db steps to 6db on the Mastering version.

Crane Song IBIS Features :

  • Unique Colour Switch per single band or per channel
  • Colour control adds 2nd / 3rd Harmonic Distortion process
  • Selectable Low-Cut Filter from 20-Hz to 150-Hz
  • 12db or 24db Filter Slopes
  • Class-A Design
  • Each of the 4 bands feature Switch-Selectable Frequencies
  • Marking the Frequencies in Hz as well as 'Note Names'
  • Helps musical translation between 'notes' and 'frequencies'
  • Boost/Cut of 12db Bandwidth Control
  • Noise : Measured with the EQ Set Flat and Bandwidth Controls Set to Max -85dbm
  • Distortion : With the EQ Set Flat Measured at +20dbm 0.001%
  • Balanced Inputs & Outputs
  • Shipping Weight : 19lbs (8.6kg)
  • Made in U.S.A



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