Crane Song Interstellar

Two-channel Quantum AD Converter with DSP Harmonic saturation emulations

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19” standalone analogue to digital converter and Word Clock with the latest Quantum conversion technology and DSP-based harmonic colouration options.

At a glance

  • Standalone Stereo AD converter
  • Quantum AD conversion technology
  • Triode, Pentode and Tape DSP harmonic distortion
  • Wordclock Output
  • AES, SPDIF, Optical, USB output sources
  • 32-bit/192kHz operation
  • 16-bit dithering
  • Made in U.S.A

The Crane Song Interstellar is a stereo analogue-to-digital converter using Crane Song’s acclaimed Quantum clocking technology with DSP harmonic distortion.

The Crane Song Interstellar complements Crane Song’s Solaris digital-to-analogue converter and can work as a bi-directional USB audio interface when connecting to a DAC (Solaris included) via S/PDIF. In USB mode, the computer will set the sample rate of the Word Clock output, while in standalone mode, the front panel controls set the clock.

Crane Song’s Quantum technology provides extremely accurate sub-picosecond jitter rejection, translating into superior imaging, depth of sound and detailed transient response.

Three DSP-based harmonic saturation controls offer a choice between Triode and Pentode Tubes and Tape saturation, adding analogue flavour if required. Interstellar also provide 16-bit dithering.

More Information
Demo in StoreNo
ExclusiveKMR Exclusive
ManufacturerCrane Song
Short Description19” standalone AD/DA converter and Word Clock with the latest Quantum conversion technology and DSP based harmonic colouration options.
Channel CountDual Channel
A to D Number of Channels2
Sample Rate44.1k to 192k
Bit Depth16, 20, 24bit
Analogue Inputs2x XLR
Analogue Outputs2x XLR
Digital OutputsAES, SPDIF
Expansion SlotsN/A
Other I/OWord Clock output
Rack Units1

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