Crane Song Peacock

Vinyl emulation Plug-in by Dave Hill

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AAX Vinyl emulation plug-in for Pro Tools

At a glance

  • Harmonic, Dynamic and Colour controls - carefully tunes the harmonics, distortion, frequency and compression of the audio.
  • The Harmonic and Dynamic control are part of the same digital process and together they set the level of harmonic distortion.
  • Colour setting changes the interaction between the mid-range, low frequency and high frequency characteristics.
  • Dither control to further emulate the unique noise functions of vinyl.
  • Gold, Silver, Rich, Fat, Deep and settings to refine the amount of processing that occurs on the audio. A huge amount of subtle control can be gained by use of these various settings
  • Designed in U.S.A.

The Crane Song Peacock is an AAX Mac compatible plug-in that emulates the elusive sound of viny.

KMR can authorise a temporary demo licence of the Peacock plug-in, for evaluation

Equally at home on the mix buss or on individual tracks, the unique Peacock plug-in from David Hill adds rich harmonic magic to your audio. The three main controls include Harmonics, Dynamic and Colour which work together to add the desired colouration.

  • First the Colour switch changes the character of the sound by modifying the interaction of the Harmonic and Dynamic controls, as well as setting the maximum amount of Low Frequency and mid-range colouration and HF compression characteristics.
  • This control features five positions ranging from the cleanest and brightest Silver, to the more pronounced Deep setting. Gold is the closest match to what an original test file would sound on record and has been optimised to work at 96kHz although it will produce very good results at different sample rates.
  • The Dynamic control affects the time modulation of the distortion which is frequency dependent because of the RIAA curve.
  • Finally the Harmonic control interacts with the Dynamic to set the level of harmonic distortion.
  • An additional Dither control adds noise and modulates some of the internal functions as well as dithering to 16bit. Dave Hill feels that this is his best version of Dither he has designed to date.

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