Crane Song Spider

Class-A tracking, mixing and summing with Analog Saturation


The Crane Song SPIDER is a truly unique Class-A design, offering 8 channel tracking, mixing and summing with Analog colouration and Dither.

At a glance

  • 8 Mic/Line Pre-amps
  • 8 Limiters
  • 8 Fat Harmonic Distortion Buttons
  • Insert points on each channel
  • Variable per track Tape Saturation
  • 8 individual or stereo digital outputs
  • Individual and Stereo metering
  • Stereo limiter
  • Channel Phase, Mute and Pan
  • Stereo Master Fader and Stereo Tape Saturation
  • Crane Song Dither
  • Separate PSU 2u
  • 4u 19" Rack
  • Made in U.S.A.  

The Crane Song Spider is an exceptional eight-channel mic preamplifier and mixer renowned for its superior quality. It features two distinct types of digital outputs: stereo and eight-channel. The stereo output caters to recording engineers engaged in live stereo or multi-channel recording, offering an exceptionally versatile audio path. On the other hand, the eight-channel output transforms the system into an analogue front end compatible with DAWs, digital mixers, and modular digital recorders.

Additionally, the stereo bus can be designated for digital channels 7 and 8, allowing a dynamic stereo mix of six channels to be directed to digital outs 7 and 8, leaving two channels independent. For example, this flexibility is ideal for drum recordings, with individual channels for kick, snare, and stereo left to right.

Both the discrete class A preamp and the converter modules boast a top-tier, low-noise design, ensuring exceptional performance. The maximum analogue level at the insert points reaches +25 dBm. The digital modules feature DSP processing for tape emulation, enhancing the overall capabilities of the Spider system.

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