Crane Song STC-8

A Modern Classic - Dual Mono Compressor / Limiter by Dave Hill

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Unique and beautiful, this dual mono discreet class A compressor /limiter, comes complete with presets for vocal, bass, program, and manual mode. Slips effortlessly between compression and limiting or both, for effect and complete overload protection. Like all Crane Song outboard it can be transparent or opinionated. Lovely metering and controls. One of the best mix compressors.

The Crane Song STC-8 Compressor Limiter was the first Crane Song Compressor that Dave Hill designed, and what a compressor to start with!

Unique and beautiful, this Dual Mono Discrete Class A Compressor / Limiter comes complete with 'presets' for Vocal, Bass, Program, and Manual mode.The STC-8 provides sound through Program Dependent Release, known as PDR and Dynamic Attack Modification, known as A-MOD.

The groups of presets provide each combination of these settings with every group offering a further three presets with optimized choices. These provide the best sound available with the Attack, Release and Shape Settings. There is also one Variable control which is controlled by the front panel.

Slipping effortlessly between Compression and Limiting, or both, the Crane Song STC-8 can be transparent using the HARA postion on the front panel for a complete overload protection. If the signal path requires some extra character then switch in the KI postion, where it provides extra warmth, with the texture of sound dependant on the Attack, Release and Shape Control Settings.

Extremely high quality metering and controls provide the final touches to one of the best mix compressors out there.

Crane Song STC-8 Features:

Compressor Attack Time: FAST = measured by doing 18 dB of Gain Reduction. The time to 18 dB of Gain Reduction is less than 1mS. 12 dB of the 18 are reached in .4mS.

Compressor Attack Time: SLOW = for 6 dB of GainReduction, 100mS

Compressor Release Time: FAST = From 12 dB of Gain Reduction to No Gain Reduction. 11 of 12 dB are reached in 50mS (Non Program Dependant Release)

Compressor Release Time: SLOW = 20 sec for a full 12 dB release with PDR enabled.

Limiter Attack Time: less than 1uS. Limiter Release Time: 60mS for 6 dB of Gain Reduction.

Maximum Signal Level: Input or Output, +25 dBm

Noise Floor: -88 dBm measured 20Hz to 20kHz

Frequency Response: 5Hz to 55kHz (Hara Mode) Greater than 10 to 1

Shipping Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)

In/Out: Balanced XLR

Made In U.S.A

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