DACS Acoustic Kit - Large

Room Acoustic Treatment Package

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Effective acoustic treatment consists of Two full-range absorbers, Four Mid/Hi absorbers and four bass absorbers and one Ceiling Cloud.

The DACS Acoustic Kit is an effective acoustic treatment consisting of two full-range absorbers, four Mid/Hi absorbers, four bass absorbers and one ceiling cloud.

The DACS Acoustic Kit Medium is manufactured in their factory in Cambridgeshire. All absorbers are robust, tough silk lacquer finish, and are easy to mount.

Full range absorbers

The DACS Fullrange Absorbers have a dimension of 790mm x 600mm x 80mm and offer effective absorption between 60 and 20kHz.


Mid/Hi Absorbers

The DACS Mid/Hi Absorbers have a dimension of 970mm x 600mm x 80mm and have a high absorption coefficient between 125Hz and 20kHz, cutting off unwanted reverberation.


Bass Absorbers

The DACS Bass Absorbers offer superior bass frequency control in your room while providing effective absorption between 40Hz and 250Hz and have a dimension of 970mm x 600mm x 80mm. 


Cloud Ceiling

The DACS Ceiling Cloud comprises two Mid/Hi Absorbers for a total absorption area of 970x1200x80mm and comes with all the tools for ceiling fixtures. They are extremely easy to install and effectively absorb between 100Hz and 20kHz.

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